Discrete Deal Development

We partner with developers and investors on individual projects and provide guidance on pricing, deal structuring, and negotiations.  We identify and secure counterparties for offtake agreements, asset management agreements and traditional and corporate PPAs.  LEP’s diverse energy sub-sector business development experience, combined with deep technical, operational and financial expertise makes it the right team to engage when everything is riding on a specific deal. 


Sales Strategy Advisory

We provide actionable guidance to early-stage and established energy, water and waste technology companies looking to jump-start latent business lines or establish a footprint in a frontier territory. 



The sprint instills discipline into the sales process.  By implementing the organizational tools, analytics and systems required in both sales and marketing functions, the executive team and founders are able to transition away from day-to-day business development in order to focus on managing a scaling business.  During this period, we establish and document a repeatable sales process that converts leads to wins and work to originate analytically anchored upstream and downstream marketing strategies.  At the conclusion of the sprint, the firm is positioned with a thoughtful and well-organized backbone that facilitates rapid acceleration. 

Partnerships and Sales Channels

Relationships are an intrinsic part of what powers Lido Energy Partners.  We continue to generate a wide network of partnerships and channels to enable access for new sales opportunities.  Our channel of real estate funds, infrastructure funds, developers and commercial and industrial clients are innovative and open to symbiotic alliances with the companies that engage us.




Our brains are wired to value familiarity.  Strengthening a firm’s brand identity increases inbound leads and generates warmer receptivity for outbound calls.  Lido Energy Partners builds and disseminates tailored thought leadership and messaging to increase awareness and familiarity.


Real Estate Energy Advisory

We develop strategies for real estate funds and real estate asset managers to optimize revenue from energy and power resources while minimizing energy spend.  We focus on income producing assets such as demand response, batteries and onsite generation.  We also review commodities buying strategies, hedges and contract negotiations and advise on and manage energy-related capital projects.